WSKF NIGERIA Rules and Regulations

  1. Etiquette
    • Always bow respectfully when entering and leaving the dojo.
    • Always bow respectfully before and after Kumite practice.
    • Always respond to advice from an instructor by answering “oss”.
    • Instructors must be referred to as Sensei.
    • Late Students to class must kneel at the front side of the Dojo and await the Sensei’s signal to join the class. When the signal is given, they must bow in the kneeling position and walk around the back of the class to a position appropriate to their grade.
    • No one shall leave the dojo without the Sensei permission whilst the class is in progress
  2. Clothing
    • Club members must wear a white karate suit (dogi) and relevant karate belt (obi) within a period of 6 weeks of commencing training
  3. Hygiene and Safety
    • All members will ensure that their bodies and karate suits are clean
    • The wearing of rings, bracelets, watches, earrings and jewelry of any description is to be removed
    • Fingers and toenails must be kept short.
    • The chewing of chewing gum whilst training is forbidden.
    • Shoes are removed on entering the Dojo
  4. Injuries
    • All injuries must be reported to the sensei before the start of the class
    • Injuries occurred during training must be reported to the sensei
    • All open wounds must be covered up with no bleeding
  5. Alchohol and Drugs
    • Student must not be under the influence of drink or drugs during class and none should be brought to the dojo
    • Smoking is not permitted inside the dojo
  6. Suspension
    • The club shall have the right to suspend any member whom they consider guilty of misbehavior, whether committed in the Dojo or outside of the Dojo until such times as the case is brought before the club for their consideration.
    • Suspended members shall not be allowed to train at any WSKF dojo.
    • Suspended members has the right to escalate or appeal to the executive committee before any further action is taken by the club
  7. Competitions
    • Competition Arena should be treated as the Dojo.
    • Competitors must exhibit good spirit (behavior) with regards to etiquette, sportsmanship, fairness, respect and honor when both winning and losing.
  8. Gradings
    • All Non Dan grade members must train for three months at least twice per week (24 Classes) before being permitted to grade to the next KYU level, 1St KYU grades must train for a minimum of six months (48 Classes) and be recommended before eligible for DAN grade examination.
    • All DAN grades may only undertake further DAN grade examination after receiving approval of the chief instructor
    • DAN grades from other WSKF recognized groups* can maintain their grade after 6 months of probationary period, those from non-recognized group would need to have their grades verified at a grading.
    • Only WSKF Licensed Examiners can conduct gradings for WSKF members
    • Find below the training periods between gradings based on attending dojo training twice a week.
      1st Dan – Must be 1st Kyu for 6 months
      2nd Dan – Minimum 2 Yeas after 1st Dan
      3rd Dan – Minimum 3 Yeas after 2st Dan
      4th Dan – Minimum 4 Yeas after 3st Dan
      5th Dan – Minimum 5 Yeas after 4st Dan
  9. Outside the Dojo
    As stated, members have a responsibility to behave in a manner that maintains and enhances the reputation of the WSKF and Karate-Do, both in and outside of the Dojo, and to refrain from any behavior that is likely to bring Karate or the WSKF into disrepute.
  10. Advertising
    All advertising by Instructors, Clubs and event organizer must seek approval from the Publicity Officer so the information is accurate, ethical and in good taste.
  11. Alterations and Amendments
    WSKF Nigeria reserve the right to make such alterations and / or amendments to the rules should the need arise and accepted by the executive committee