Shokotan Rules

Shotokan Cup Rules
  1. All Competitors must wear a white karate suit (do-gi)
  2. All competitors must wear a mouth guard
  3. All male competitors must wear groin protector under their do-gi
  4. No ring, earrings, jewelry and metal objects are to be worn.
  5. All finger and toe nails must be skin tight
  6. All competitors must abide by the referee’s instructions
  7. All competitors must show correct budo etiquette at all times.
  8. Coaches must not interfere or give instructions during the match
  9. All coaches must abide by instructions given by the referee
  10. All complaints of the day must be directed to the chief referee
  11. No rude, bad language will be allowed in the hall
  12. All competitors must be seated and waited to be called in the hall
  13. There mist be no eating or drinking near the competition area
  14. All telephones must be put to silent mode and no calls to be taken near the competition area
  15. All competitors must attend at least one days of the seminar unless otherwise agreed with the organizers