We welcome both new starters and experienced karate-ka.

Children can start training with us from age 6 and onwards. Adult class members range from 16 years old to over 65 years old.

These are the following methods of joining:

1: Individual membership – to be a member of WSKF you have to be a member of a WSKF dojo, refer to our dojo listings in “About Us – Dojo/Clubs”.

2: Dojo/Group membership – an instructor who is a certified WSKF DAN grade can apply for Dojo/Group membership.
Group Membership Form

3: Non certified WSKF instructors/dan graded students would need to re-register their DAN grades with WSKF, should WSKF Japan not recognize the grading board or karate group that awarded the DAN grade a “verification grading” would be required.
Individual Membership Form


NON-WSKF Students

Our WSKF Dojos and Seminars are open to all non-WSKF students however they have to abide by the rules of the Federation and Dojo found in “About Us – WSKF Nigeria Rules and Regulations” when they attend.