WSKF Nigeria

The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation (WSKF) of Nigeria is a non-profit making organization based in Nigeria, it was formed with the intention to develop the personal character of its members in a manner befitting of karate-do using the guide constituted on what WSKF Japan was originally formed on in 1990.

We, Karate exponents, training in the art of World Shotokan, firmly reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We hold no position on religion or politics and recognize each individual and each separate organization as self determining entitles. We seek the growth and development of World Shotokan and through that the development of world peace. It is our firm decision to found our art as a modern and permanent one, firmly rooted in friendship and understanding between all human beings on the planet. We seek the development and growth of a world youth and health movement based on mutual understanding between all federated members organizations. Under these guiding principles we hereby organize and found The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation”

WSKF Nigeria was formed in 2014 under the direction of our Chief Instructor Bob Bamgboye Sensei with approval of the World Chief Instructor Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei and with the WSKF Nigeria Executive Committee they provide the administration, terms of conditions and the fostering of the art of Shotokan in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

WSKF Worldwide has its head office in Japan with branches all over the world and was formed by the late Kamiyanagi Sensei 9th Dan formal Director of SKIF and Kasuya Sensei 8th Dan both having their roots in the JKA. The technical committee (Shihankai) are appointed from all the senior instructors around the world and are responsible for the improvement of all technical standards within the Federation and following the teachings of Master Funakoshi and Master Nakayama.

WSKF places a lot on emphasis on the twenty precepts of karate-do has defined by Master Funakoshi Gichin which are heavily based Bushido and Zen (The Twenty Precepts of Karate-Do)

All members are required to accept and adhere to the rules and regulations in place for the equality of all grades within the Federation, they are entitled to have an input in the organization and administrative aspects and invited to attend the annual general meetings to vote on the election of the committee members and voice their own opinions.

Every two years there is a general meeting for all the chief instructors of member countries where each attendee has an equal vote on all non-technical matters in the Federation.

In the true spirit of Karate Do members are encouraged to train with instructors (Sensei) from other associations and organizations and other groups are welcome to train in our clubs (dojos) and on our seminars.