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By registering you accept our terms and conditions:

1: Karate-do etiquette to be followed during the class

2: All attendees must join the class prior to the start of the class

3: All attendees to mute their mic before joining the class

4: Attendee to wear karate gi (DOGI) and karate belt (OBI)

5: All attendee MUST enable their video – class is interactive and attendee to take part physically 

6: All attendee should use their correct names on the zoom apps

7: The Class is not be recorded and posted on YOUTUBE or social media without the permission of the orgainser or our Chief Instructor

8: It is the sole responsible of the attendee to make sure the area of practice is safe 

9: Children should be supervised by an adult

10: Each attendee is required to purchase a ticket, if there are more than one attendee in a household or dojo – each requires a ticket 

11: All attendees would require ZOOM CLOUD MEETING CLIENT installed on their device (Computer with webcam or Mobile device) please download and practice before the online class 

12: Please complete your correct email details as this would be used to send you the link to the class

13: It is strongly suggested that just before the class, select speaker view and PIN Kasuya Sensei screen

14: Do have a towel and drinking water near by 

Contact: Watsapp: +2348033142038