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The World Karate Shotokan Karate-Do Federation Nigeria is affiliated to the World Karate Shotokan Karate-Do Federation Japan formed on the 1st of June 1990 with the Late Takeashi Kamaiyanagi Sensei as our president and Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei as our Chief Instructor.

WSKF Nigeria abides and honors the WSKF establishment decleration and will endeavor to spread and foster the true art form and spirit of karate-do in NIgeria and where ever we visit and have students and dojos. Individuals, dojos, groups and organizations are welcome to join WSKF. Courses and grading’s are conducted all over Nigeria

Recent Events

Coming Events

Kasuya Sensei Seminar
28th & 30th September 2018
Shotokan Cup
29th of September 2018
WSKF World Cup
3rd to 7th October 2018
5th Zainab Saleh International Female Championship
26th to 28th October 2018